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Internet Marketing – The Benefits Of An Integrated Approach

If you own or run a business website then you will doubtless be preoccupied with the question of how to market that site effectively. The Internet is truly a shop-window on the world, but on an incomprehensibly massive scale. With a third of the world’s population online and at least a trillion available web pages, it is difficult to see how any website manages to stand out from the crowd and win a healthy number of regular users.

Of course, there are numerous marketing techniques available to help you out with this challenge, not least the highly effective search marketing method known as PPC, or ‘Pay Per Click’. In a PPC campaign, your company pays a search engine for the number of clicks a special sponsored link to your site receives when it is featured in search results. Indeed, PPC can generate plenty of increased traffic and companies commonly report a step-up in online bookings and purchases.

However at Click Consult, a leading UK-based website development company, we believe that no single technique (such as PPC) brings Internet marketing success.

Rather, an organic approach combining a range of measures is far more effective in the longer term. For example, we encourage our clients to develop social network profiles, in tandem with a convincing keyword-rich website. At the same time, garnering recommendations through a viral YouTube video could complement other Internet marketing activities.

A web presence which people return to and remember over the months and years is built through persistent use of multiple marketing channels.

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