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What Are The 4 P Of Classical Marketing To Do With Content Marketing?

What Are The 4 P Of Classical Marketing To Do With Content Marketing?
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Who is not familiar with the 4 P of classical marketing? Product, Place, Price and Promotion In contrast to the well-known 4 P, there is the issue of content marketing often ignorance. Experts talk about content marketing on blog based on the 4 P of classical marketing. They show analyzed and proved that what is true of the traditional type of marketing is also applicable in content marketing applicable.


Experts suggested – “If you understand marketing well then understanding content writing service is not at all tricky.” All marketing techniques for business is based on customer and want to serve their needs. And not content marketing have the same goal and want to meet customers’ needs in form of information? Just as there is a market for products, there is also an information market. For companies, this means tailoring information to the market. The market for content is constantly changing radically and is characterized by an excess supply. As in the product market is the result of a price decline. As a provider of PR or advertising a business is automatically a content provider who is under enormous competitive pressure.

Product, Place, Price, Promotion and even more P

What is product management in marketing is the same in content marketing strategy. For here the consideration is important, what the market wants and how companies adapt the content (product) in it.

In the second step, the idea is to, through which channels (Place) such distribution of content. These include primary and secondary channels, the direct and indirect sales and SEO measures. After all, search engines are a distribution channel.

And who thinks content is priceless, is mistaken: The pricing policy (Price) does not stop at content marketing. While there is rarely money here, but rather attention, traffic, leads, etc. Pay-per-Tweet is a popular method to increase the range. Companies must determine how much they invest in the production of content, without making loss.

Finally stands for the communication for the communication. This is absurd? No. Because you have content such as a product communicate (PhD), to shine in the competition. From seeding on SEA to Face book Page post-doctoral. There are many ways to draw attention to content.

The P far end: People as an ambassador, Participation for interactive content, purpose, i.e. the sense donate by Content and Processes such as Theme and planning editors rows on.


Content marketing is not quite unknown, but not concretely real for many. Long way to explain content marketing is only one of many approaches – but one that we believe is easy to understand and implement.

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  1. The 4 p of classical marketing of which the writer tells us that is admirable. I like the way of writing. Usually these 4 P are the basics requirement for the marketing. By reading this content I actually understood why the Product, Place, Price, Promotion plays vital role for content marketing strategy.

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