Will Link Removal Bring Your Search Engine Ranking Back?

This is a common question of discussion among website owners whether removing bad or inorganic or low quality backlinks will bring the search engine ranking back which are already affected by various Google penguin updates from time to time.

Simple Answer is NO

Why Search Engine Ranking Will Not Come Back?

  • When you remove the backlinks you also loose some kind of link juice which need to be refilled.
  • While making analysis of link profile some time you remove the links which are not too much bad.
  • Removing bad links change the composition of your link profile which also affect your search engine position.

How Search Engine Position Will Not Come Back?

It is sure that link removal will help in bringing the search engine ranking back but you will need high quality inbound links from authority sites of your own niche.

Therefore it is advised that you must while pruning links or Disavowing Backlinks you must simultaneously create high quality links to compensate the loss by link removals. Finally do not engage yourself with bad link building practices.

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