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Developing Your Website Community

A lot of onus is placed on a website’s content and on the links that are built to the pages of your site, but one factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is the community that exists around your website. In reality, your website is only a part of your online presence, especially if you are active in social networking or you participate in online forums. You should consider all of these to be an important part of your online persona that can help make or break your website.

Developing a community around your website means that your business becomes the beating heart of that community. Other community members will visit your site or other content regularly, and they will come to trust you and view you as being an authority on a particular topic. This is a powerful combination that can help greatly increase conversions and improve the average profit per sale that you make.

There are many social networks out there. While Facebook is indisputably the largest with more than 800 million users, you will never get close to reaching this kind of figure, so you may be better concentrating your time and effort on smaller networks, especially if they are better suited to the type of business that you run. Networks like Pinterest offer something unique and have gained a loyal following as a result – a following that you can tap into and benefit from.

Social media sharing websites, like YouTube and Flickr, also enjoy a lot of traffic and they too can be used to help further develop your community. You can use your Flickr and YouTube accounts or channels on your own website and for other social media profiles, too, which gives you the opportunity to combine all of your efforts into a single, cohesive marketing plan that will help generate sales as well as visitors.You can easily check traffic of your social media profiles by social popularity checker tool.

There are elements of social networking and online community that you can develop on your own website. You can add a blog or forum and encourage conversation, and you can even have applications and dynamic features developed to further mesmerise and hook your website visitors. You could create a mass of brand ambassadors from your visitors.

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