10 Tips For Creating A Website In WordPress

10 Tips For Creating A Website In WordPress

The following tips will be very useful when creating a website in WordPress. It is important before we start to get to work, define some of the basic details that are needed to create a website.

Tips for creating a website in WordPress

1. – Choose a hosting: It is important to choose a web host that meets the requirements of the project. No hosting comes to choosing the cheapest, nor the most expensive, we must choose a web host that meets the needs of the project and ensure its availability to us as long as possible See the best hosting to create a website in wordpress

2. -Choosing the Content Manager: The open source content management systems used are WordPress , Drupal and Joomla , but what is the best to create a website? The truth is that all three are good content managers fully valid for most projects, so any of the three is a good choice. In this article we will focus on creating a website in wordpress.

3. – Design a web: Create a custom web design our own website is very important. In many cases this aspect is left as an afterthought subtract importance, but it is wrong, we should do the opposite and choose a simple theme and adapt it slightly

It is very important that the web design available in a mobile version is what is known as a responsive theme, so it will have three forms of visualization, computer in 3 columns, 2 columns for tablets and finally a column for cellular phones.

4. – Choosing web plugins for wordpress:To optimize our website in wordpress we should choose the smallest possible number of plugins, but there are some that are basic as, WordPress SEO, W3 Total Cache and Askimet.

See other wordpress plugins

5. – Give the web High Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster: We recommend raising the sitemap of this website in wordpress in Google Webmaster.

6. – High Give in Google Web Analytics :See and understand our web stats in wordpress on a very important aspect in the decision making.

7. – Indexing the web in search engines : Free can index and search engine with hundreds of Isubmit

8. – Register our business in Google Maps and Google Places:The confirmation of registration in Google Maps physically receives it by letter at the address we indicate on your discharge.

9. – Protect your website against spam and other harmful attacks: Askimet plugin sometimes is not enough and we must install some additional plugin to strengthen the security of our website in wordpress.

Do not reveal sensitive information such as spam e-mail

More information on protecting a website in wordpress

10. – Be creative and original:Both the design and communication of its products, and enhance both the company and the Branding of Personal Branding.

Create original websites, wordpress fresh and creative.

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Russell Neo is an Entrepreneur, WordPress Theme Developer and webmaster. I am dedicated to helping small businesses, individuals or entrepreneurs like me on Internet strategies and maintaining and creating websites based on WordPress. 


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