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Website Optimisation: Reflections On Timing

Website Optimisation: Reflections On Timing

Optimisation is not simple. In fact, it is getting more and more complicated due to successive waves of innovation. There is so much to do during the average campaign. It is perhaps because of the volume of skilled work to be done that experience is invaluable. Novices have a lot to learn. One example of something which is sometimes neglected by those new to the field is the timing of social media updates.

On Page Optimization Services are fully conversant with the ins and outs of our discipline. As the sphere of search changes, we adjust our tactics accordingly. In this way, we are able to remain ahead of the curve. We have long recognised that is not just what we do but when we do it that matters.

When a novice embarks on commercial social networking, they may well have picked up bad habits from using networks for personal chatter. They might have realised that Twitter jail exists, but they might not have any concept of how too frequent updates can alienate a follower, causing them to disengage. Users can become annoyed easily by excess tweeting, regardless of the content quality.

Similarly, a novice may appreciate that users do not appreciate unsolicited Direct Messages of an automated nature. However, they may well have no idea of how a particular segment of a target audience will react to Promoted Tweets. Nor will they have a concept of how best to find out. There are many reasons why an experienced consultancy is required and the time is always right for a site owner to try one out.

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