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Can Pinterest Help You To Pin Your Company On The Map?

Can Pinterest Help You To Pin Your Company On The Map?

Social media, along with website optimisation, can help you to get your business website noticed. Facebook and Twitter immediately spring to mind when considering social media. There is also another format gaining strength in the form of a visual scrapbook, called Pinterest. Anyone considering social media management for their company may wish to take a look, as it could help you to pin your company on the map.

For years now marketers have been stressing how social media management can help businesses locally. Pinterest is a slightly different form of communication tool as it allows its users to pin videos and images they want to share and it’s gaining in popularity for many reasons.

Pinterest has almost 19 million users and it has become one of the fastest growing social media tools on a standalone site. It sees high usage, which is what you need in business, with users spending around 89 minutes on the site in January. This surpassed the amount of time people spent on Twitter. Women make up around 65% of users, which may be a good thing as women are often the ones that do most of their shopping online. If you are in the jewellery, clothing, photography or lifestyle business, there is good news too. Users of Pinterest have interests which are clearly defined, and these categories are very popular.

Pinterest could be important for local businesses and it might be well worth considering in regards to social media management. A recent study showed that shoppers who were referred from Pinterest were more likely to make purchases than when coming from any other social media site.

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