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Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Social Media

Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Social Media

Many businesses invest time in social media as well as in activities like content optimisation on their websites. Social media work differs from the type of work done on web content, which focuses on things like keywords to improve site rankings. Here are some of the main ways in which social media can help a business build up site traffic and popularity.

1 Directing people to interesting web content

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are excellent for highlighting articles or content you think would be particularly interesting to people. Many people who run blogs, for example, link this to their social media profiles so that new blog entries are flagged up to their friends or people following them. One of the main strengths of social media is that it’s very easy for people to share good content with their friends, widening your readership.

2 Building relationships with customers

Social media gives you the chance to show your less formal side to your customers. People on Facebook or Twitter aren’t generally looking for corporate language or sales talk, so many businesses adopt a more chatty approach and offer fun features such as exclusive competitions.

3 Getting customer reviews and feedback

Social sites are great for finding out what customers really think of your service. Word-of- mouth reviews and comments can be very valuable, and even the less positive remarks give you a chance to interact with customers and see what improvements can be made. Many people go directly to Facebook or Twitter to interact with a company, as they know they’ll get a quick, personal response that way.

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